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Match Records

Edit and adjust Salesforce Matching and Duplicate rules, determine which fields to compare and set field updates. View and edit matched data directly from the layout, and determine which profiles have the ability to merge, convert, and update records. 


Control routing actions and criteria for automated lead merging and conversion. Mass convert leads that meet specific logic and update the status of the newly converted contact and auto created accounts. Set up round robins for leads, contacts, accounts or opportunities. 

Region Automation

Create region segments and definitions for Leads, Contacts and Accounts. Set individual region details or load and edit multiple details. Determine field updates that take place when a record matches the defined region criteria. Mass  search all records that match region criteria and apply field updates. 


The SLA feature tracks the date and time a lead is qualified, and how long it took for a sales rep to follow-up. The customizable fields and stages let you determine how you want to track leads and contacts. Choose from a selection of start and end stages on leads and contacts and learn how to ensure your organization’s business hours are set. 

Bridge Object

Report on important metrics between objects such as lead-account and lead-contact, all without exporting data from Salesforce. Learn how to create a bridge for individual objects or all objects. Gain valuable insight with information such as lead conversion, match, and assignment rates without setting up custom fields and new objects from scratch.


The Rollup function not only allows you customize rollup summaries, minimum, or maximum values for fields on any object. Create “At-a-Glance” counts of activities for objects such as accounts. Roll this data up to the account so you can score the number of MQL’s SAL’s, demos and more across all CRM objects.

Account Status

The Account Status feature lets you create a formula for an account or contact field based on related objects such as Leads, Contacts or Opportunities.  Schedule a daily batch to run and update the specified field with the value of your choosing. 

Sweep Rule

Create a Sweep Rule that determines which user should be assigned to accounts that meet specific criteria. Create a custom formula based on that triggers the lead assignment. The formula can be based on criteria such as: a specific score, round robin ID, timezone, etc.

Mass Merge

Run a process that merges duplicates and/or converts leads. Not quite ready to de-duplicate records? Learn how to run a simulation to see which record would be determined the winner without actually performing the merge.

Lane Four Fields

Get an overview of all fields installed with the Lane Four package broken down by object. Learn how fields and features interact with each other and how formulas can be tailored to fit your organization’s ABM needs. 

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