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This allows us to engage in regular collaborative working sessions to determine overall priorities and to work on key strategic objectives. Each week, we review the work that was completed and establish targets and deliverables going forward. During our relationship, we’ll provide guidance on timelines to help you balance strategic initiatives with day-to-day realities.

Services - Agile Process

Sales Operations

putting-out-fireChallenges You Face

What is the most important thing when it comes to doing your job right? I don’t mean the tasks you perform.  Yes, information accuracy is important with calculations, reporting and analysis. As well as managing daily operations like territory assignment, lead ownership and duplicates in your database. Of course the list could go on. But how can you balance the efficient management of all those tasks with priorities like building strong relationships with prospective and existing clients? Especially if you lack a complete Salesforce team and your day focuses on extinguishing daily small fires like fixing opportunities, chasing approval, and last minute reporting requests from leadership.

How Do You Resolve Them?bandage-solutions-24

  • Bandage solutions may work for the time period required, but they lack long term scalability.
  • You may consider acquiring more tools to help “fix” some point problem but they won’t help you achieve your long term vision and may end up costing you more.
  • You may revert back to using spreadsheets to do everything else but when your data management needs to grow, you risk spending more time on tasks like maintaining accuracy, visibility and storage.

team-putting-out-fire-22How We Can Help

Our on-demand support helps sales ops who want to put out a fire by giving them access to a team who can help fight the fire. We can help implement your vision of a SaaS company run in Salesforce with advanced automations and productivity features without needing an internal team or engaging in painful scoping and project SOW’s.

Marketing Operations

tired-at-desk-01Challenges You Face

It can be challenging if your expertise is in marketing automation systems, but data exists in Salesforce. You have to juggle the following tasks:

  • Discovering names and an audience to market to
  • Managing inbound signup forms
  • Sending leads to CRM
  • Measuring on lead quality and tracking follow-up time
  • Track campaign attribution to MQL, SAL, SQL, etc.

So you use multiple tools to build a bridge between the two and hope things just work. Installing hundreds of tools may seem like an efficient short term option, until you have to install hundreds of other tools to make them all work together. You may also have to change or add to reporting models, and require historical data to do so but have no way of tracking updates.

How Do You Resolve Them?rube-goldberg-33

  • You try to install one more tool
  • Create fields to roll up data to leads, contacts and opportunities
  • Generate reports in Salesforce
  • Try to gather more information by enforcing flags and required fields on records.

How We Can Help
How We Can Help

Our on-demand support benefits marketing operations who want to build reporting models in SFDC without needing to be SFDC experts. We help you create the system and generate the reports you expect.


For larger projects we use the Agile approach, which is based on collaboration and welcomes changes.  This approach reduces risk, enables adjustments to focus on the highest ROI items, and provides transparency. This ensures the project team will quickly identify issues and ensure changes can be made throughout the agreement, including pausing or terminating the project.

A backlog is created to break down each major facet of the application into associated tasks delivered in week long sprints. The Backlog of tasks to be done for each sprint will be determined from the initial backlog generated in the planning phase. At the end of each sprint, we conduct demonstrations of the sprint stories and record the output to ensure it matches the expected behaviour.  Weekly status reports are produced on items completed, hours used, and goals for the next sprint.

Agile Project Management flow

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