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Converting Leads

Without a doubt, leads are the most ubiquitous of records within any organization. It might seem that an unfathomable number of leads pour into your organization everyday, but many of the leads that you get can already have information that correlates them to preexisting contacts or leads. So what can you do about this? Our solution comes through converting those leads into contacts, either automatically or en masse. An organization that functions efficiently is also one that controls their lead pipeline the best. We can help you get started towards better lead management.

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  • Automating lead conversion in Salesforce

    Automating lead conversion in Salesforce

    If your sales reps fail to follow-up on leads, ignore leads after an account is created, or just want to work accounts, auto conversion of Salesforce is a great option. Lane Four is entirely based upon the matching and…
  • Save Yourself Some Time with Lead Conversions

    Save Yourself Some Time with Lead Conversions

    Tedium is never in short supply when it comes to dealing with technology, cloud databases in particular. The act of pointing and clicking, then waiting and repeating, is usually what drives people nuts. Luckily, there are ways in Salesforce to minimize this frustration, but where does it all stem from?
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