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Since account based marketing is in its infancy, most marketing technology vendors have been publishing various articles on strategy and how to align ABM with sales. Absent from this conversation is how your primary tool, Salesforce, which is already built around the premise of account based sales, needs to change to accommodate the changes that an ABM strategy will result in.

We also know that inbound marketing and traditional demand generation isn’t going away any time soon.  Since ABM is going to function in parallel with demand generation, your marketing automation system and must deepen their integrations. 

After helping dozens of business move to a blend of inbound and account based marketing strategies, this guide is about the 12 things that need to change to transform Salesforce into a well oiled Account Based Marketing machine:

  • Object Changes
  • Working With Account Data
  • Lead To Account Matching
  • Ownership Considerations
  • Assignment Flow
  • When Ownership Changes
  • Statuses in ABM
  • Round Robins
  • Lead Auto Convert Rules
  • MQL Follow-Up Tracking
  • Activity Tracking
  • Reporting Changes
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